I’m growing more concerned, but I’ll give it the remaining 4 days before I completely freak out.

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He lets me smother him with every aching desire and I couldn’t be happier to do so

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I’m homesick for arms too far away to hold me.

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my nerd <3

my nerd <3

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I fear no one will ever love me as my grandmother did and she’s gone. She’s been gone for so long. And it still hurts so fucking much.

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Holy shit I aced my 60s class ✌
I think I should be rewarded with a selfless boy in bed because the history gods know I’ve been getting the short end for far too long.

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Bob Ross was such a blessing.

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"Never apologize for being sad"

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I love having this track to myself

I love having this track to myself

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I have an exam, paper, and work, but fuck it, I really want to climb this mountain. 

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